An estimated 85 million North Americans suffer from anxiety, which is a
condition in which you experience excessive, uncontrollable worry or stress.

For people with anxiety, this worry can be so overwhelming that it interferes
with their daily life. You may find yourself constantly feeling nervous or on
edge and find yourself worrying about things that aren’t even worth worrying
about – like calling your barber to book an appointment.

When you’re dealing with anxiety, it’s common to avoid situations that make
you feel uncomfortable or afraid. So you tend to procrastinate and put off
basic everyday activities to avoid interactions with people and the environment around you.

That’s why we created The Book it App.

What’s Book It?

Book It is an app that helps you maneuver through challenges that come
with booking various services in your local community.

Book appointments online without having to make a phone call or interact
with an unreliable and anxiety-inducing customer service agent.

Here are some of the ways Book It helps ease anxiety, for when searching for
barbers near me for example:

1) Instant live view of availability – no need to wait days until you get the
courage to make the long awaited phone call.

2) Computer based booking – no need to interact with an unreliable
customer service agent.

3) Instant booking confirmation – No more waiting on hold while listening to
bad elevator music

Book It is a platform that allows you to book appointments online, which can
be done via our website or through our app.

Discover local attractions, products and services, and book instantly.

Download our app on the app store and get started on your anxiety-free
journey today!