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FAQs for starting your BookIt journey

How do I get started on my BookIt journey?

To get started, reach out here to have one of our team members send you an invitation code to sign up through the app. From there, you will be able to access the web platform to easily add your business information and services to start getting booked!

How How do I get my current customers on BookIt?do I get started on my BookIt journey?

Once you’ve received your initial invitation, you will receive another welcome email with our Vendor Onboarding Manual. In this manual, we’ve written out two great email templates for you to use and send out to your existing client base. Depending on the email marketing platform you use, you should be able to copy and paste it right in, add your email distribution list and off you go!

If social media is part of your current strategy, highlighting this booking change will be vital. You’ll want to link customers to your website that will have guides to downloading the app and booking a service with you.

How can I get more appointments booked?

Having a detailed profile is a great place to start. The more information you can provide in a condensed way, the more customers will be able to easily understand what you have to offer and start booking with you.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:
– When listing your services, have great pictures and clear descriptions for each one listed.
– If you’re using an email marketing platform, consider sending out reminders to existing clients to book their next service.
– If you’re using social media as part of your current strategy, highlighting the app and the ease of use will help encourage new customers to download it and find your business.
– Consider upgrading to the Pro tier so that you can implement promo codes for your customers. This is a great way to reward your loyal customers and bring in new clientele for them to try out your services.
– If you want to up the ante a bit more, consider upgrading to the Elite tier so that you can start asking for reviews for your business and services. Customers will be able to rate and write a review that will be visible to others on the platform. You will also have access to the BookIt ad platform which will help gain additional visibility for your business.

What is BookIt doing to help me get more customers?

We have a dedicated team and strategy for increasing the awareness and use of the BookIt app. BookIt is here to alleviate the need of having multiple systems and apps to book appointments, and be the one-stop-shop for our vendors and our customers!

Is the subscription fee on a month-to-month basis?

The monthly subscription packages will be on a month-to-month basis. Billing will be set to an automatic recurring payment monthly based on the initial sign-up date. For any cancellations, it will be effective at the end of that month. 

How does the yearly subscription work and what happens if I want to cancel?

The yearly subscription option is paid for upfront at signup and will renew automatically on the anniversary date. If you wish to cancel early, your account will not automatically renew on the anniversary date and you will still have access to the app until that date.

If I cancel, what happens to my account?

Once the cancellation is effective, you will still be able to view your historical transactions, but you will no longer be able to chat with your customers, adjust your profile, or make any changes to your settings. Any upcoming appointments or pending transactions will automatically be cancelled within the app. If you have any further questions about the cancellation policy, please reach out to your sales representative which can be found under the ‘Sales Representative’ section in your dashboard.

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