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Scheduling an appointment can be daunting, especially when your daily tasks pile up. The ringing of the phone call. The dreadfully long phone menu that you’re forced to listen through. The voicemail that never gets returned. The wait can be anxiety-inducing and frustrating.

It’s time to change how we schedule our lives!


When life gets busy, use BookIt!​

Sitting on hold could take precious time away from your day. With BookIt, we have created a system to alleviate the anxiety of having to call and the stress of having to book multiple things at once. You can plan ahead and book all of your future appointments, chat with vendors right in the app, read reviews and ratings, and make secure, instant payments.


One app, one login, one community.

With your login, you will be able to access your local hairdressers, as well as accountants, and other businesses ready to help you simply book your life. Hundreds of businesses and appointments will be available through BookIt.

BookIt is here to help you organize your schedule and book everything with ease.

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