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How do I start booking appointments on BookIt?

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the Apple or Google app store, you will set up your profile and payment settings. From there you will be able to explore all local businesses by search or by category. All vendors will have their services available to book through their BookIt profile. You will be able to chat, pay, tip and review* services right in the app.

Are all vendors licensed on BookIt?

Our vendors listed with BookIt go through a defined verification and approval process before they are listed on our platform. Every vendor that is part of the BookIt community is held to the highest standards of customer service, trustworthiness, and honesty.

What happens if I cancel an appointment?

Vendors do have the ability to set their own cancellation and no-show policies within the platform. These policies will be clearly stated on that business's profile.

What if I have feedback on one of the vendors listed on BookIt?

If something is not up to par with one of our vendors, we want to hear about it. Please head to your profile page in the BookIt app, and under settings, you will find the feedback section. Please include all details including the date, time, order number, service provided and any feedback.

Are there any fees to book an appointment on BookIt?

There is a 4.25% booking fee for all services through the app. This fee covers the credit card processing fee which is set by the payment processor used in BookIt.

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